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Kate Palmer to speak at Pride In Practice – Australia’s LGBTI Inclusion Conference

Kate Palmer AM is a leading Australian sport administrator, and will speak at the 2019 Pride in Practice - Australia's LGBTI Inclusion Conference.   What is Kate speaking about? Guidelines for the inclusion of transgender & gender diverse people in sport. "These Guidelines provide practical assistance on how to create and promote an inclusive environment


LAST month at Pride in Diversity, we celebrated 100 members and in the short time since, our membership continues to grow. While we recognise that there is still much more to do, we celebrate the fact that employers are now seeing LGBTI inclusion as an integral part of their diversity and

What ‘pride’ means for corporate Australia

By David Brine, Co-chair – Commonwealth Bank’s LGBTIQ ‘Unity’ network It goes without saying in this world of corporate management speak, that most of us come to work every day looking to be blue-sky thinkers and to leverage every opportunity before we sync up, take it offline and touch base while

LGBTI Inclusion: Are Your Leaders Really Engaged?

A panel I spoke on recently, sparked some interesting debate, which raised the question: "When it comes to inclusion and progressing the diversity agenda - are your leaders really engaged, or are they just paying lip service?" I know what I believe to be true. LGBTI Inclusion is unique, with more and