Sponsors & Major Partners

Pride in Sport, together with ACON, proudly acknowledges the dedication and support from our sponsors, whose generosity allows us to continue our work to ensure sporting organisations are inclusive.


revolutioniseSPORT (http://www.revolutionise.com.au) is the emerging market leader in online sports management in the Asia Pacific region. It is an award-winning complete digital solution for sports & community group managers, staff & volunteers, for organisations of all sizes.

A SaaS online membership, competition planning, e-commerce and data analysis platform, it services national, state and local organisations across the Asia Pacific, as well as specialising in digital strategy consultation and planning.

revolutioniseSPORT partners with 171 governing bodies and over 11,000 local clubs & associations to help build, brand and maintain a ‘gold standard’ of digital presence.

Some of their notable clients include Australian Sailing, Hockey Australia, Athletics Australia, as well as Singapore Gymnastics, Singapore Volleyball and Water Polo New Zealand.

Committed to fostering inclusivity in sport, revolutioniseSPORT is a proud partner of Pride in Sport in helping sports build safe & inclusive online communities.


SBS is Australia’s multi-cultural and multi-lingual broadcaster, committed to telling stories that help Australians understand who we are, where we have come from and what we could become. SBS gives expression to a wide range of perspectives and voices across all our platforms as part of our desire to reflect the true diversity of Australia, to all Australians. At SBS, we are dedicated to promoting inclusion and social cohesion. Diversity has always been at the heart of SBS and we’re proud of the job we do and incredibly proud of our diverse workforce and inclusive culture. That’s why we’re committed to continuing to champion diversity in all its forms: because when we think a little differently, take a different perspective and celebrate the things that make us unique, it makes a world of difference.


Every Victorian should have access to the resources and environments they need to live happy, healthy lives. This means access to healthy food, appropriate opportunities to be physically active, support for mental wellbeing, and protection from the harms of risky drinking and smoking.

Working with communities across the state, VicHealth helps define what’s most important to individuals and communities’ health and wellbeing. We take action where there’s the greatest need and potential for positive impact.

That’s why VicHealth is committed to five strategic imperatives that have the greatest potential to reduce disease burden and bring about the greatest measurable health gains. These are: promoting healthy eating, encouraging regular physical activity, preventing tobacco use, preventing harm from alcohol and improving mental wellbeing.

We understand how changes in the environment can promote health, and draw on practices that ensure we achieve the best outcomes for those who need it most. Our aim is that every Victorian, no matter their situation or resources, has the best chance for good health and wellbeing.

By working together with sport and community organisations, all levels of government, other health organisations and our community, we are in the best position to drive positive change. We help set the agenda for health priorities by bringing insights from research and data together with real world knowledge and experience from our partners. By pinpointing emerging and future health problems, our efforts can be channelled for the greatest benefit to the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.