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PSI National Survey – Results & Findings

The PSI National Survey, which accompanies the Pride in Sport Index every year, is Australia’s richest source of annual and local data that focuses on providing provides insight into the culture, beliefs, opinions, and LGBTQ inclusion initiatives in the sporting arena. To utilise this data, Pride in Sport annually publishes a series of material under the heading of PRACTICE POINTS.


2023 Key Insights

The Key Insights highlights some of the key findings from the 2023 PSI National Survey and provides a valuable summary of results across major areas. To read the Key Insights from the 2023 PSI National Survey, click here

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Past Data Analysis

 2020 National Survey Data

Past PSI Publications can also be found on our ‘Resources’ page. 

For more information on the PSI National Survey, please contact the Pride in Sport office on (02) 9206 2139 or at psi@acon.org.au