2024 PSI Awards: Winner Statements

The PSI is Australia’s national benchmarking instrument for LGBTQ+ inclusion within Australian sport. Below are statements from leaders of organisations who have obtained Gold and/or Platinum Tier status based on the results of the 2024 Pride in Sport Index (PSI) Submissions. Also below are statements from winners in our nominated award categories, which are not based on the results of the Index Submissions, but celebrated along with them.


Platinum Tier Recognition

Platinum Tier recognition acknowledges the highest levels of performance within the PSI over a sustained period of time. Sporting organisations must first qualify for Platinum recognition by achieving a score within the current Gold range of scores for four out of the last five successive years; or be awarded Sporting Organisation of the Year twice within that period.

Once a sport qualifies for Platinum Tier recognition, they may then choose to alternate between a Platinum Project and the PSI Submission. This reduces the full PSI Submission to once every three years should the alternative PSI Platinum Project offer be taken up. Platinum Tier recognition must be maintained annually by maintaining the criteria for four of the last five submission cycles. If this criteria is not met, submitters drop back to the employer tier dictated by their score achieved annually.

Platinum Tier status is the highest obtainable recognition within the PSI.


Gold Tier Recognition

Gold Tier recognition is the highest recognition obtainable for the current year outside of the longevity of Platinum Tier recognition.

Sporting Organisations obtaining Gold Tier have achieved the highest PSI Submission scores within the current year. This recognition is indicative of a substantial amount of work and activity in the area of LGBTQ+ inclusion. Typically, Gold Tier status recognises organisations sitting within the top scores obtained. Gold Tier is an outstanding achievement and sporting organisations that obtain this recognition should be applauded for their level of activity over the given year.


Gold Tier Recognition – Community Sport


Nominated Award Acknowledgements

While additional or individual awards given at the Awards do not form part of the benchmarking data, they are assessed against a criterion requiring evidence and external endorsements. Each of these award submissions are assessed against a predetermined scoring rubric.

The nominations acknowledge the support, advocacy and/or contribution to LGBTQ+ inclusion within sport from leaders, athletes, coaches, role models, allies, journalists, initiatives or campaigns, and more. for their outstanding contributions to LGBTQ+ inclusion within Australian sport.