About the PSI National Survey

The Pride in Sport Index (PSI) National Survey


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have previously participated, you will know the incredible asset this survey can be for your organisation or club.

What benefit is there in taking part?

The PSI National Survey provides insights into the culture, employee beliefs and opinions of your organisation or club. The unique focus for PSI, is the interaction between people in the sporting arena, particularly in relation to service provision to people of diverse sexuality, diverse gender and/or a trans experience.


What do can my organisation do with the data?

Your data can be used to compare your growth year on year and to see where you sit in comparison to all other participating organisations and clubs.

Data-driven discussions within your team and with your Pride in Sport Relationship Manager can support your leadership team to develop your inclusion strategies to better support people across your organisation, particularly those of diverse gender and/or sexuality. Used in combination with your PSI Submission results, you will be able to decide which areas can be focused on to create the greatest benefit for your community.


What’s the goal?

The most important part of this process is your ability to obtain responses from as many people as possible across your organisation (e.g. staff, volunteers, athletes, members, coaches, officials, spectators and fans). Just like any survey, the higher the rate of employee participation, the more beneficial it is for your organisations development and future planning.

You have plenty of time to develop your communications plan, to maximise participation from your employees. Remember, the more participants you get, the more valuable the data is!


What’s the timeline for participating?

The PSI National Survey will be open for responses from the October to February each year.


What do we receive once we request the survey link?

We will send you some preparation documents for your organisations review including:

  • A PDF of the PSI survey
  • A summary of the survey and the areas covered
  • ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs Research Data Security policy
  • ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs Data Cleansing Protocol
  • ACON’s Privacy Policy
  • ACON Research Ethics Review Committee Approval Letter
  • PSI National Survey Participation Toolkit


How do we receive a survey link?

Complete the ‘Request Form’. The unique URL for your organisation will be sent to you for distribution in the week before the survey goes live!


How long do we need to promote the survey?

Slow and steady might work, with regular promotions through emails or intranet/social group posts. While some organisations allocate a few dedicated weeks of promoting the survey. Either approach can work, and it is best to liaise with your Pride in Sport Relationship Manager to develop a plan dedicated to your organisation.


What about if our organisation has other surveys running?

Try not to have your timings for multiple surveys overlap. To reduce survey fatigue, think about any shut down periods you may have, and the time frames you are most likely to be able to engage with people to receive the most responses to enhance your data-set.


Should we have a target of responses?

Perhaps for your other surveys you have a target for the % of participants you want to be engaged. It is a good idea to set a target for the PSI National Survey, or for those who have used the survey in the past – try and beat your participation rate from previous years.


How will we keep track of responses throughout the survey period?

During the live period you will be provided with updates on your participation rates from the Pride in Sport team. This will help you to further decide how to support people across your organisation to participate. Initially these will be monthly, but in January you may receive weekly updates (depending on the demand and need). You can request an update at any time from your Pride in Sport Relationship Manager (for non-members, you can email psi@prideinsport.com.au).


Do you have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please contact us via email – psi@acon.org.au


On behalf of ACON and the Pride in Sport team, we would once again like to say thank you for all you do in this critical area of Diversity & Inclusion.