2021 Pride in Practice Conference:
Sport Hub
LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Australian Sport

The request for abstracts is now open. If your organisation has done something exceptional in LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Sport, and would like to share it at our conference, we would love to hear from you.

Key Themes

To view a copy of this year’s key themes, click here.

Any abstracts around these key themes and examples will increase the chances of your abstract being accepted. We are also looking for abstracts around new and relevant content related to LGBTQ inclusion in Sport, that may have previously not been presented at our conference. In addition:

  • Preference will be given to those sessions where your speakers represent our diverse communities
  • To include voices and perspectives from more than one company, consider inviting colleagues from other organisations to join you in leading the session
  • Be engaging and think outside the box! Get creative with the delivery of your presentation. Consider whether your session will be presented as a panel, podcast, debate/discussion or another format. Creativity will be favoured!
  • To adhere to social distancing, we ask that you have no more than 4 speakers.

What you will need to submit

Prior to submitting your proposal online, please ensure you have the following information at hand:

  • Session title (10 words max)
  • A description of what the session is about including key objectives. This description will be used in the Event Platform, so delegates can read about what to expect when attending your session (300 words max)
  • A shorter description to be used within our digital program. This will be provided to delegates in the months leading up to the event (100 words max)
  • A brief introduction of the session and speakers. This will be used to introduce your session at the event (80 words max)
  • Presenter/s Details including organisation, title, email address, where they will be presenting from (i.e. in person or remote), bio (80 words max) and headshot (in hi-res only).

Abstract submissions will be closed on Friday 13th August at 5pm. We will not accept any abstracts after this deadline.

Additional Information

Before submitting your abstract, please take a moment to read over the Additional Information Document, as this details important information on complimentary speaker tickets, information on presentations and remote equipment required etc. It is important you read this document before submitting your abstract.

To view a copy of this document, please click here.

Where will I be presenting?

All presenters will be given the choice of presenting in studio at the Hyatt Regency, or remotely. For more information, please view our Additional Information document.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs together with Hyatt Regency Sydney are committed to hosting a safe environment for our speakers.  To view our COVID-19 safety plan, please click here.