About the PSI National Survey

What is it?

Participation in the survey allows you to balance the results of your Pride in Sport Index (PSI) Submission Document with the views and lived experiences of your employees, members, participants, officials, volunteers and/or spectators and fans. While survey data is linked to your organisation enabling us to provide you with a comprehensive high level analysis of responses, individual respondent data is not collected.

By sharing the PSI National Survey link, it will provide your organisation unprecedented insights into the attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of both LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ people within sport, as well as free text on what is being done well and where improvements can be made.

Who is able to participate in the Survey?

  • Organisations who are members of Pride in Sport
  • Organisations participating in the Pride in Sport Index (regardless of membership)

Survey Results

As a result of participating, organisations will receive high level analysis of your organisational responses. Individual respondents remain anonymous and are not identified, only the name of the organisation participating.

This analysis will provide your organisation with valuable feedback regarding LGBTQ inclusion across your sport. Respondents do not have to identify as individuals of diverse sexualities and/or genders, as the Survey is open to all.

Request a PSI National Survey URL

Survey links will be available soon – check back for how to request your unique link.